Barbed Wire Garage Punk Slam – THE CENTAURETTES With Torching Single ‘TRUST FUND TREE’

New sonic strokes

25 November 2021

Who: The passion project of Bionca Maldonado, Derek Hibbard,
and Daniel L. Jackson
. All three of them are vocalists for the band
and represent a diversity seldom seen in rock music today
Base: Saint Louis, Missouri

(photo by Tristan Shannon)


Bionca Maldonado: “It’s an ode to putting yourself first, even when it hurts.
It recalls my youth of being trapped by controlling family and crushing expectations
dangled on strings of generational wealth. I chose to break away and carve a path
of my own happiness, even though it meant stripping myself of every hand-out that
comes along with the blood-money-funded cookie-cutter lifestyle. It reminds me that
I fight for passion, self-expression and freedom over capitalist convenience.”

Score: Independence, freedom of speech, struggle for your own life, self-exploration
and self-esteem. This is what this barbed wire garage punk slam dunk is about. It all
starts off with a short parade drum roll and Maldonado raging and blazing in the back.

After 20 seconds all burners inflamen, producing a torching mid-tempo sonic
boom with Maldonado on a fuming rush now. Crackbrained guitars all over
the place while the rumbling thunders on. Holy cow! Fucktastic.

In-your-face. Turned-on. Razor-blade-sharp.

Move your furniture and go ballistic…

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