Brisk Stomper ‘OH! VANITY’ By THE CHARLATANS – Released In 2008…

19 February 2020

Band: The Charlatans
Single: Oh! Vanity
B-sides: ‘Complete Control’ (on the 7″) and ‘Complete Control’ /
‘The Only One I Know’ (live) and ‘Oh! Vanity’ (live at Manchester Ritz) on CD
Released: 25 February 2008 as a free digital download, but also on CD and 7″
Album: You Cross My Path – the band’s tenth LP

Here’s the swirling stomper…


‘Love Is The Key’ By THE CHARLATANS (2001) / Happy B. To TIM BURGESS…

Knockouts from the past

30 May 2019

Today TIM BURGESS, the flamboyant frontman of West Midlands‘ popsmiths
THE CHARLATANS turns 52. Happy birthday. To celebrate here’s LOVE IS THE KEY,
one of those underrated Charlatans songs that should have been a global hit. It was
part of their blissful 2001 album Wonderland. Capture the falsetto vibe right here…


Happy birthday!

THE CHARLATANS – When Vanity Kept Them From Insanity 10 Years Ago…

Clips that have a lasting impact on Turn Up The Volume’s eyes and ears…

‘Oh! Vanity’ by THE CHARLATANS
Probably their catchiest moment ever.
That keyboard/organ sound is ace.

When I was a little child
What you’d call a runaway
Find me with a latch and key
Crawling in the dirt

There’s a problem just for me
I have a thousand worlds to see
Always one for running wild
And dressing up to be like You

Oh Vanity, oh vanity
Will keep me from insanity
This heart of mine would rather die
Than live a life of humanity

(Keyboard Solo)

And now I’m all grown up to be
A paranoid schizophenic
My friends are all like me and You
I cannot tell ’em what to do

There’s another world to see
Lie down with dogs and you’ll get fleas
When Paris gave her hand to me
It felt like an eternity

From their 2008 ‘YOU CROSS MY PATH‘ album – stream it here

Today’s Yesterday Track – THE CHARLATANS

Golden oldies to soundtrack the summer of 2017…

Band: THE CHARLATANS (West Midlands, England)


Album: debut LP Some Friendly (1990)

Note: the moment Rob Collins’ Hammond organ kicks in still gives me goosebumps,
still sounds just phenomenal after all these years. Rest in peace Rob and Jon, you
both are Charlatans for eternity…

THE CHARLATANS: Website – Facebook

Biography – Discography

THE CHARLATANS – Vibrant ‘WONDERLAND’ Album Turns 15…




THE CHARLATANS, the one and only band who survived the unforgettable, early 90s Madchester euphoria with bright grace and in flamboyant style while generating some damn exciting music despite the sad tragedies with amazing band members, keyboardist Rob Collins (1996) and several years later, drummer Jon Brookes (2013). May their souls rest in peace. The group’s seventh LP WONDERLAND released on 10 September 2001 – fifteen years ago – is to my hungry ears, one of their finest achievements of their whole beaming career. Overall a funky, sexy and highly vibrant record. A soundtrack for a real long night on the dance floor. An exhilarating album filled with swirling, sensual and groovy pop rock vibrations gloriously colored with Tim Burgess‘ surprising falsetto voice like alluring first single LOVE IS THE KEY

…and two other favorite gems of mine…



…there’s no stopping it now, here’s the birthday nightclub in full on… Deezer

Charlies now, still shining…

THE CHARLATANS: Website – Facebook – Twitter