8 October, 2015…


THE CHARLATANS – ‘Some Friendly’ – Released October 8, 1980

Some Friendly was the start of a superb career for the British band. Right in the middle
of the Madchester tumult it was almost impossible not being influenced sonically by its soundtrack. But as frontman Tim Burgess once said: “The thing that we had that no-one else had was Rob Collins. We thought, John Squire is a brilliant guitar player for The Stone Roses and he can have solos, but we’ve Rob who can do equally great solos but on a Hammond.” Indeed, organ virtuoso Robert James Collins made The Charlatans sound different from day one – and irresistibly recognizable ever since – from the rest of the gangs.
Of course The Only One I Know was the key track (although not included on the very first vinyl edition) containing the hottest ‘purple colored’ organ riff ever. But with tracks such as opener You’re Not Very Well (psych glory) White Shirt (poptastic), Then (‘baggy’ single), Polar Bear (trippy beat ) and Sproston Green (awesome groove) they proved they came to stay. The production of the record wasn’t perfect but The Charlies’ bluesy swagger was striking enough to go straight to number one on the UK albums chart. On stage they were a mighty electrifying force turning up the volume to a hypnotic level. I saw them playing several times and they always delivered the shaking goods as they still do 25 years later, live and on record. Happy Birthday !…

Music, Maestro, Please…

Rest in peace, Rob and Colin, you’re unforgettable…

Track Of The Day In Memory Of ROB COLLINS…


23 July 2015


Robert “Rob” James Collins died in a car crash on 22 July 1996, aged only 29, after he had been recording keyboard parts for The Charlatans 5th album ‘Tellin’ Stories’ at a studio in Wales. That’s how we, music fans, know Rob Collins. As the organist of The Charlatans creating that brilliant catching sound that became most essential and characteristic for the West Midlands band. Every time I hear their smash hit (1990) ‘The Only One I Know‘ I hear that delightsome and andrenalin fueled organ, every time I hear that organ I hear Rob Collins. Rest in peace…



THE CHARLATANS ! Back In Time – Chemical Blues…


Artist: The Charlatans
Song:Tootache‘ – from the 1995 self-titled album – the track was remixed by The Chemical Brothers as bonus track for the Japanese edition and appeared in 1997 also on a 5-track single, called ‘The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers’
Why this one: The Charlatans knew damn well how to play the blues and combined with The Brothers’ rude, fat grooves ‘Tootache’ became a monstrous killer track !


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