THE CHARLATANS – When Vanity Kept Them From Insanity 10 Years Ago…

Clips that have a lasting impact on Turn Up The Volume’s eyes and ears…

‘Oh! Vanity’ by THE CHARLATANS
Probably their catchiest moment ever.
That keyboard/organ sound is ace.

When I was a little child
What you’d call a runaway
Find me with a latch and key
Crawling in the dirt

There’s a problem just for me
I have a thousand worlds to see
Always one for running wild
And dressing up to be like You

Oh Vanity, oh vanity
Will keep me from insanity
This heart of mine would rather die
Than live a life of humanity

(Keyboard Solo)

And now I’m all grown up to be
A paranoid schizophenic
My friends are all like me and You
I cannot tell ’em what to do

There’s another world to see
Lie down with dogs and you’ll get fleas
When Paris gave her hand to me
It felt like an eternity

From their 2008 ‘YOU CROSS MY PATH‘ album – stream it here