Scream-Along Punk Uppercuts On New EP ‘COME SEE ME/NOT THE ONLY ONE’ EP By Turbo THE CHISEL

23 February 2021

Don’t believe all the blah-blah-blah Punk Is Dead nonsense that started when the Sex Pistols exploded back in ’78 while on tour in the Divided States of America. As long as the world fucks things up, bands will be formed in pubs with one mission: fucking things up even better.

London indie label LA VIDA ES UN MUS is the
noisy home of many of we fuck up better misfits.

One gang of them is called THE CHISEL featuring out-of-their-heads motherrockers
from different British cities. Whatever. Who cares. Important is that these ferocious gunslingers fabricated an A.W.E.S.O.M.E 3-track EP called COME SEE ME / NOT THE
. Three Molotov cocktails to test your lungs’ capacity. Three supersonic cannonballs to destroy your neighbor’s speakers with. Three nasty uppercuts to strike Boris Johnson with, on repeat. Big fun, right? You betcha. Going nuts time! Fucktatsic!

Stream/buy the whole shebang here..