No Creepy Halloween Without Human Flies THE CRAMPS

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30 October 2020

If they look like Halloween, dress like Halloween, and sound like Halloween, then
they must be, without a pitch-dark shadow of a doubt, Halloween experts THE CRAMPS.

Their sonic Halloween pumpkin is
unquestionably 1979 zombie cracker

Trick or treat here we go…

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You want more bat music?
Scare your neighbors. Play
this racket VERY LOUD

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Really Excorsistic Music For Really Excorsistic People – CHELSEA WOLFE Covers THE CRAMPS

8 September 2020

(Artwork LP Wolfe)

A couple of months ago a cracking covers compilation honoring psychobilly icons
The Cramps hit our messed-up planet. Also messed-up is the oddball title of the album: Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G . Got it?

The line-up of the participating artists features among
others: TV Set, Metz, Qui, Zeis! feat Mike Patton, and Daugthers.

The one that did and still does my head in is the darktastic performance by doom and gloom priestess CHELSEA WOLFE turning SHEENA’S IN A GOTH GANG into a back-breaking industrial juggernaut. Really excorsistic music for really excorsistic.

Big beats from Badsville!.

Press play and release the human flies…

The original


(photo on top: FB Chelsea Wolfe)

Psych-O-Billy Priests THE CRAMPS Released Their Debut Album ‘SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US’ 40 Years Ago

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4 May 2020

The wicked priests of graveyard psychobilly, the devilish icons of Halloween rock, the supreme masters of bogey havoc unleashed their demoniac debut album ‘SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US‘ on 4 May 1980, yes, that’s 40 years ago, with their best line-up ever, led by the hot-blooded lovers Poison Ivy and the late great front wolf Lux Interior. This awesome record, produced by the late legendary Axel Chilton set the steamy tone for a blistering career with schizophrenic longplayers and explosive concerts. Hail hail!

AllMusic wrote: “Continuing the spooked-out and raging snarls of their Gravest Hits EP, the Cramps once again worked with Alex Chilton on the group’s full-album debut. The jacket reads “file under: sacred music,” but only if one’s definition includes the holy love of rockabilly sex-stomp, something which the Cramps fulfill in spades… electric fuzz through more layers of echo than legality should allow.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Full album…

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