Danish Pop Collective THE MILLENNIALS Scores With New Firework Single ‘THE DIVIDE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 March 2019

(photo: Line Westerboe)


Who: A quintet from Copenhagen, Denmark “striving to tell the untold stories
camouflaged beneath the polished surface of their own generation. A generation
often portrayed as demanding, spoilt and as taking their privileged lives for granted”

Track: THE DIVIDE – first single from upcoming EP ‘Building The Divide‘. The song is
about “the distance and loneliness experienced when looking at the world through the lens
of social media, being bombarded with other people‚Äôs success and seemingly perfect lives.”

Score: ‘The Divide‘ is splendiferous pop firework. Terrifically catchy and non-stop rapturous. A truly dynamic blend of vivacious guitars, invigorating melodiousness,
vivifying vocals and an ecstatic chorus that intensifies your body temperature and
speeds up your adrenalin’s stream. C’mon ignore your smartphone for a while, here’s
some real excitement…

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