THE DRUMS Just Dropped New Tender Single ‘I DIDN’T REALIZE’…

New sonic impulses

15 October 2019

After releasing fifth LP Brutalism last April and reissuing their very first EP Summertime as it turned 10 this year Jonny Pierce and his band THE DRUMS just dropped, out of the blue, a new intimate and warmhearted reverie (actually already written in 2012) called
I DIDN’T REALIZE‘. Capture the tenderness right here…

The B-side You Lied is gripping as well..

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THE DRUMS Returns With New Reflective Yet Upbeat Single ‘BODY CHEMISTRY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

16 January 2019

Jonny Pierce‘s band THE DRUMS just announced their fifth longplayer BRUTALISM, out
5th April. Here’s the first single BODY CHEMISTRY. A song inspired by Pierce dealing with increasing depression. “I still found myself weighed down with anxiety and depression. This song asks the question: Is this dull, sad feeling in my DNA? Is it part of my gene pool? Can it ever be corrected? I had been confronting some of my most stubborn demons, and I came to realise that confronting doesn’t always mean conquering.”

Despite the downcast and troubled story the track has an upbeat vivacity caused by lively guitar lines and its overall poppy infectiousness. Check ‘Body Chemistry‘ out right here…

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THE DRUMS Share Bouncy And Reflective Track ‘HEART BASEL’ From New Album…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


‘Heart Basel’ by THE DRUMS

THE DRUMS, the 21st century indie Beach Boys out of New York City release new album ‘Abysmal Thoughts‘ on 16 June. All the songs are written and recorded solely by frontman Jonny Pierce. After sharing lead single ‘Blood Under My Belt‘ here’s another new track.

HEART BASEL sounds joyful but the song actually deals with a painful period in Pierce‘s
life: “I went through the most significant breakup of my life during the making of “Abysmal Thoughts.” During that vulnerable period, I attached myself to this guy who did not care at all for my feelings, but was good at pretending that he did. In retrospect, I think I knew deep down that he didn’t give a shit about me. But I continued to let him treat me like garbage because I thought if I had this handsome guy with me that somehow I wasn’t doing too bad. Of course now — with some professional help — I see that I was just lacking self-love and while it’s unhealthy to stay in that headspace for very long, it does make for good songwriting. “Heart Basel” is a song about him treating me “kindly” at Art Basel in Miami and then treating me
like garbage after he got what he needed. You live and you sometimes learn.”

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Artwork new album…