JONNY PIERCE And THE DRUMS Back In Town With Indie Pop Gem ‘I WANT IT ALL’

New striking strokes

4 April 2023

Back in 2008 NYC-based indie pop act THE DRUMS started as a proper band
founded by its orchestrater Jonny Pierce. Together they canned/released
3 notable albums.

In 2017 Pierce decided to go his own way and fabricated 2 longplayers
as The Drums & Jonny Pierce since then. Now, 6 years after the last one
he’s back with new music. A track called I WANT IT ALL (no news about
a new LP).

Pierce: “The song emerged from the longing and the pain that stemmed from
a loveless childhood. It is only in the past few years that I have really begun to
understand what happened to me as a boy, which has helped me start to build
my own bridge towards real love. The song is a declaration – that I will take what
I was never given. I want the full experience of being human, which includes love
and connection. I want it all.”

I Want It All is a sweeping pop nugget, full of vivacity with
an energetic chorus. Pierce is back in swinging style.

Listen here.

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