SM For The Rich – Mean Machine BODY HORROR Slashes Merciless On Debut Single ‘THE GIMP’S GIMP’

19 April 2021

Who: Up and coming noisemakers
from London.

Single: THE GIMP’S GIMP – debut single

Score: A chainsaw intro followed by manic drum thwacks
and a frenetic bass force, and a bit later a nightmarish voice
joining the freaked-out get-together. All this brain-breaking
stuff happens in under a minute. Hallelujah!

From there on this fanatical bulldozer tests your stereo’s flexibility
with furibund guitars going mental. Far-out funk for the wicked.

And as far as I can detect this hammering haymaker is about a sort
of take control sadomasochism for the rich. Damn you, bastards!

Hail hail mean machine Body Horror.

Alert your neighborhood before you press play…