British Indies WEIMAR Have Their Halloween Video Out For Grisly Story ‘THE HANGERS-ON’

30 October 2022

(Photo by Zac Gale)

Band: WEIMAR (pronounced Vy-marr – nothing to do
with Germany’s former Weimar Republic I suppose)

Who: Eclectic progressive art-rock quartet formed in 2016 in
Manchester (UK). They produce a range of styles from post-punk roots
to no-wave, cabaret, chanson, jazz, funk, psychedelia, alternative folk
and gothic rock, coming together in a distinctive fusion.

The band have their Halloween moment too with a scary video for THE HANGERS-ON,
a grisly story off their excellent album Dancing On A Volcano, that came out last June.

A carnivalesque Art Rock tune, a depraved foray into the twisted mentality of a stalker,
and people who present themselves as being your best friend yet blatantly have far more sinister intentions. The music reflects this, it has a lush gentle sound in places but is menacing and eerie at the same time.

Don’t trust clowns around Halloween time…

WEIMAR: Facebook – Instagram