‘SOUND AFFECTS’ – Fifth Album By THE JAM Released 40 Years Ago Today

28 November 2020

Album: SOUND AFFECTS – fifth LP

Released: 28 November 1980 – 40 years ago today
Score: #2 in the UK and New-Zealand

BBC Music wrote: “With six released in five years, each one of the Jam’s albums is a distinct stage on Paul Weller’s journey from callow, Thatcher-supporting yoof to mature writer with more on his mind than just teenage angst and political disatisfaction… Sound Affects shows
a band that was being pushed by its leader slightly beyond their level of ability. Buckler and Foxton’s propulsive acumen was already falling behind Weller’s ambitions. After the full-on
soul revival of The Gift he was to abandon the three-piece for pastures new. But on this LP
you get to hear the Jam at their absolute peak.”

Paul Weller: “Pop music was supposed to be a flash in the pan, but here we are 50 years
later and it means something to us, and it always will do. It’s incredibly important.”

Turn Up The Volume: Unforgettable band, unforgettable records, unforgettable
singles, unforgettable outfits, unforgettable gigs… that’s entertainment!.

Singles/clips: Start! / That’s Entertainment

– START! –


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THE JAM – No 1 Hit Single ‘GOING UNDERGROUND’ Came Out 40 Years Ago…

14 March 2020

Band: The Jam
Single: Going Underground
A stand-alone single
B-side: Dreams Of Children
Released: 14 March 1980 – 40 years ago
Note:  The song was actually released as a double A-side
with ‘Dreams of Children’, which originally was planned to be
the only A-side. After a mix-up at the pressing plant, the single
eventually became a double A-side, but radio stations played
the melodic ‘Going Underground’
Score: The band’s first No 1 single in the UK

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