THE JAM – No 1 Hit Single ‘GOING UNDERGROUND’ Came Out 40 Years Ago…

14 March 2020

Band: The Jam
Single: Going Underground
A stand-alone single
B-side: Dreams Of Children
Released: 14 March 1980 – 40 years ago
Note:  The song was actually released as a double A-side
with ‘Dreams of Children’, which originally was planned to be
the only A-side. After a mix-up at the pressing plant, the single
eventually became a double A-side, but radio stations played
the melodic ‘Going Underground’
Score: The band’s first No 1 single in the UK

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THE JAM Played Their Final Gig In Brighton 37 Years Ago Today…

11 December 2019

On 11 December 1982, 37 years ago today, THE JAM played their last ever concert in Brighton, UK. It was frontman and songwriter Paul Weller who wanted to move on and start other musical projects. Between 1977 and 1982 the band released six triumphant albums – with the 1977 brilliant LP All Mod Cons as my absolute favourite – and no less than 19 hit singles. Although The Jam formed in the 70s punk era the trio’s work was more influenced by R & B, 60s beat music and ‘angry young man‘ rock ‘n’ roll. To celebrate one of the best British groups ever Turn Up The Volume selected three of their standout crackers. Here we go…

– IN THE CITY – 1977



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THE JAM Scored A No 1 UK Hit With Their Final Single ‘BEAT SURRENDER’ 37 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

5 December 2019

Band: The Jam
Song: Beat Surrender 
B-side: Shopping
Note 1: A double 7″ and a 12″ single version were also available
with cover versions of The Chi-Lites’ ‘Stoned Out of My Mind‘, Curtis
Mayfield’s ‘Move on Up’ and Edwin Starr’s ‘War’
Note 2: It was their fourth No 1 hit in their home country,
topping the chart on 5 Dec 1982, 37 years ago…

Watch Paul Weller dancing to The Jam‘s final single…

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THE JAM Released Their Fourth Album ‘SETTING SONS’ 40 Years Ago…

Classics from the past

15 November 2019

THE JAM released SETTINGS SONS, the fourth LP since their 1977 debut In The City on
16 November 1979, 40 years ago. Definitely one of their best, critically and commercially. It peaked at #4 on the Albums Chart while The Eton Rifles, the sole single of the record was their first Top Ten Hit, reaching number 3.

AllMusic wrote about the album: “The Jam’s ‘Setting Sons’ was originally planned as a
concept album about three childhood friends who, upon meeting after some time apart, discover the different directions in which they’ve grown apart. Only about half of the songs ended up following the concept due to a rushed recording schedule, but where they do, Paul Weller vividly depicts British life, male relationships, and coming to terms with entry into adulthood. Weller’s observations of society are more pointed and pessimistic than ever, but at the same time, he’s employed stronger melodies with a slicker production and comparatively fuller arrangements… ‘Setting Sons’ often reaches brilliance and stands among the Jam’s best albums, but the inclusion of a number of throwaways and knockoffs (especially the out-of-place cover of “Heat Wave” which closes the album) mars an otherwise perfect album.”
Score: 5/5

Album in full…

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