Today’s Yesterday Album – ‘SETTING SONS’ By THE JAM (1979)

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21 October 2023

Band: THE JAM (1972-1982)
Fourth longplayer
Released: 16 Nov 1979
Score: #4 in the UK

Cover: The album cover art features a photograph of Benjamin Clemens (1875-1957) bronze sculpture St John’s Ambulance Bearers. Cast in 1919, it depicts a wounded soldier being carried by two ambulance workers. The sculpture is currently in the possession of the Imperial War Museum in London

All Music wrote: “‘Setting Sons’ was originally planned as a concept album about three childhood friends who, upon meeting after some time apart, discover the different directions
in which they’ve grown apart. Only about half of the songs ended up following the concept
due to a rushed recording schedule. Weller’s observations of society are more pointed and pessimistic than ever, but at the same time, he’s employed stronger melodies with a slicker production and comparatively fuller arrangements, even using heavy orchestration for a reworked version of Bruce Foxton’s “Smithers-Jones.” Setting Sons often reaches brilliance
and stands among the Jam’s best albums”
Score: 5/5.

Back sleeve

TUTV: The second best Jam LP behind no fillers all killers album All Mod Cons released
the year before. Weller was at a high songwriting level, both musically and lyrically.

Key tracks: Thick As Thieves / Little Boy Soldiers / The Eton Rifles / Smithers-Jones




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