New Albums In 2023 – British Passionate Rock Generators HUNDRED REASONS Return With 5th LP Next Month

16 January 2023

Who: Post-punk rockers from Hampshire / South West London, UK
Active: Since 1999 – 5 studio LPs (new one incl.)

New album: GLORIOUS SUNSET – the first in 15 years
Out: 24 February 2023 – order info here

Larry Hibbitt (guitar): “For me musically, I felt like we couldn’t just release an early ‘00s emo record because we’re not in our 20s anymore and that doesn’t feel appropriate for four 40-year-old dudes. We had to reflect that energy of the first record, but it also had to be more grown-up to reflect the subject matter and where we’re all at in our lives. It had to have a bit of oddness and artiness in there too. It’s not a nostalgia trip that harks back to our first record, but there’s an energy and instantaneous quality to it.”

Colin Doran (frontman) about the LP’s themes: “Everyone’s at a different stage in their lives now. People have grown up, done different things, had different experiences. We’ve all experienced loss and been through the mill. That just gives you a lot more content to talk about the experience. My mum also passed away last year which became a theme. There was a real sense of loss from that, but also a real sense of anger. That culminated in some very different songs on the record.”

Singles: Replicate / The Old School Way / New Glasses / Glorious Sunset





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