New sonic impulses…

1 May 2020

THE PINK ELEPHANTS is the musical project of a Canadian
multi-instrumentalist who works with different musicians to
turn his sonic visions into otherworldly soundscapes. Peter
is his name, psychedelia is his game.

Brand new track AT THE END OF THE SKY is a new cinematic odyssey, a soothing
and harmonious trip to give your mind a well-deserved rest in these absurd times
we live in. Music with an intoxicating effect, music that soundtracks your spirit’s wanderings, symphonic synth music to listen to on headphones with the lights
out and your eyes closed. These blissful moments make you feel floating eight
miles high, somewhere over the rainbow, near the dark side of the moon where
dreams turn real.

Sit down, relax, and experience this kaleidoscopic trip…


Psychedelic Act THE PINK ELEPHANTS Cover SONIC BOOM – Here’s ‘ANGEL…

5 February 2020

THE PINK ELEPHANTS is the psychedelic project of Ottawa based artist Peter
working with collaborators from Athens, Austin and the UK. They just
shared a cover of SONIC BOOM aka Peter Kember, who also was the co-founder
of psych legends Spacemen 3, with Jason Pierce (mastermind of Spiritualized), and
who formed Spectrum later on. As a producer he worked with bands such as MGMT, Panada Bear and Beach House.

THE PINK ELEPHANTS picked SONIC BOOM track ANGEL (released in 1989) to cover. Compared to the original their version is spacier and more tranquilizing with layers of synths creating an atmospheric and symphonic euphony that transfers you to never-
never land. The overall vibe is mind-relaxing, moony and transcendent. Great  score!

Drift away right here…

Here’s the original…



Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go completely bananas to this summer

A new week! Let’s heat it up with five mind-blowing electro stonkers…

1. ‘III’ by FÖLLAKZOID (Región Metropolitana, Chile)
(Album: ‘I’ – just released)

2. ‘Ar.Mour’ by UNKLE (UK)
(Album: The Road: Part II / Lost Highway – 2019)

3. ‘Hazel’ by TANGIENTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
(Cocteau Twins cover – 2019)

4. ‘Hesitate’ by SOCIAL STATION (Washington D.C., US)
(Single 2019)

5. ‘Bubble Boy’ by THE PINK ELEPHANTS (Ottawa/Greece/UK)
(2018 single – brand new video clip)

All 50 Summer Bangers so far
collected here on Spotify

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 10…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven splendid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven terrific tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Deeper Feeling’ by BEAUX CHEVEUX (Austin, Texas, US)
Seductive slide guitar electricity with poppy harmonies all over it. Here’s an amazing female tandem with versatile vibes on new album ‘Ro Sham Bo’ – check on Bandcamp.

BEAUX CHEVEUX: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

2/ ‘Minshy’s Birthday’ by PROBES (Liverpool, England)
A resplendent pop injection. Radiant electricity getting under your skin without asking.

PROBES: Website –Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Winner’ by THE MAPLE STATE (Manchester, UK)
Here’s a catching rock bolide. A groovy crackerjack energized with sparkling guitars. triumphant score from new LP ‘The Things I Heard At The Party‘ – all info right here.

THE MAPLE STATE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘No More Stones’ by OH GERONIMO (Toronto, Canada)
Ardent pop grandeur with anthemic calibre. The spirited chorus will grab you instantly. Vivid opener from the band’s new record ‘The Sled‘ – stream/purchase on Bandcamp .

OH GERONIMO: Facebook –  Twitter – Instagram

5/ ‘Limbo’ by OXEN (Stockholm, Sweden)
A buzzing and dynamizing pop stroke. Irresistible firecracker from start to finish. Top cut!

OXEN: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

6/ ‘Jeanine’ by THE TAMBOURINE GIRLS (Sydney, Australia)
An amorous pop spark with sheeny guitars and lovey-dovey vocals. A sticky humdinger.

THE TAMBOURINE GIRLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Dancing In A Broken Sky by THE PINK ELEPHANTS (Ottawa, Canada)
Here’s a dreamy and cinematic synths colored trip feeling like a relaxing mind-massage. Moony track from brand new 4-track EP ‘Visions Of Troy’ – stream/purchase on Bandcamp

THE PINK ELEPHANTS More Elephants on Bandcamp – Facebook

See/hear you next week, music junkies…