Psychedelic Act THE PINK ELEPHANTS Cover SONIC BOOM – Here’s ‘ANGEL…

5 February 2020

THE PINK ELEPHANTS is the psychedelic project of Ottawa based artist Peter
working with collaborators from Athens, Austin and the UK. They just
shared a cover of SONIC BOOM aka Peter Kember, who also was the co-founder
of psych legends Spacemen 3, with Jason Pierce (mastermind of Spiritualized), and
who formed Spectrum later on. As a producer he worked with bands such as MGMT, Panada Bear and Beach House.

THE PINK ELEPHANTS picked SONIC BOOM track ANGEL (released in 1989) to cover. Compared to the original their version is spacier and more tranquilizing with layers of synths creating an atmospheric and symphonic euphony that transfers you to never-
never land. The overall vibe is mind-relaxing, moony and transcendent. Great  score!

Drift away right here…

Here’s the original…


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