British Rockers FILTHY TRICKS Score Try With New Blast ‘WALK IN LINE’…

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5 February 2020


Who: A hard-hitting 5-piece indie rock and roll band from the beating industrial heart of Warrington, UK. Originally formed back in 2016, they returned in 2018 with some new faces, sounding bigger, better and bolder and oozing rock ‘n’ roll soul that the genre desperately longs for. Last year they released EP ‘Run The River’.

Track: WALK IN LINE – new single – frontman Gerard Van Den Hoek says about the track “It’s quite funny as when I was writing ‘Walk In Line’ I pictured the song itself being used on Sky Sports for a sporting event as the lyrics I wrote kind of reflect a battle and never giving up so I think the stars aligned and it was meant to be used for our home town rugby club and I am extremely proud of it!”

Score: Rock and Roll is not dead! No way! If you hear this electric knockout killer your body’s temperature will rise instantly, your blood pressure will boost, your ears will
vibrate and your speakers will tremble. This fiery banger starts with pounding drums,
a vicious guitar riff, and frontman Van Den Hoek‘s robust vocals. One minute later the track explodes heavily and the dynamite chorus kicks in. Soon, to take your breath away totally, hellish guitars take over and go totally bonkers until the impetuous finale. Hell Yeah!

‘Walk In Line’ has also seen the band team up with Warrington Wolves – their hometown’s rugby league team – to create a promo video for the new rugby season. Here’s the clip…


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