GRIAN CHATTEN – Voice/Face Of FONTAINES D.C. Has His Candlelight Solo LP ‘CHAOS FOR THE FLY’ Out

2 July 2023

Singer-songwriter and charismatic frontman GRIAN CHATTEN
of Dublin idols Fontaines D.C. has shared his solo debut, titled

Press info: “Each song here has a sweep of colour and textures that breathe life into his lucid tales. Over its nine tracks, Chaos For The Fly is a record that takes in all of life’s rich emotions, transporting the listener to a place you not only want to visit, but will find yourself returning to again and again.”

Photo by Turn Up The Volume

The Guardian (British newspaper):Chatten dials down the rollicking post-punk of
the Dublin band with a solo debut of haunted, Leonard Cohen-esque songs. ‘On Chaos
for the Fly’, Chatten’s manner sometimes recalls those great critics of human nature
Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith.
” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: As we already could here and there on Fontaines D.C. albums Chatten dims
the lights, and lets his both melancholic and unsettled heart do the talking/singing.
Here he does it from start to finish. He sings about all things life, good and bad here
on his solo debut. He’s a romantic and muses about what’s on his mind and soul. Candlelight music for tranquillising moments. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have sweet dreams.

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FONTAINES D.C Frontman GRIAN CHATTEN Has His First Solo Single ‘THE SCORE’ Out

New striking strokes

27 April 2023

Charismatic frontman GRIAN CHATTEN of Dublin heroes Fontaines D.C.
has released his debut solo single, titled THE SCORE.

Chatten: “‘The Score’ is a heavyweight bated breath of lust. I wrote it in Madrid between an electric fan and a dying plant and I intend to keep it there. It was inspired by sugar and sunset.”

The song is a moody affair as I expected. We already got some soft Chatten moments on the last two Fontaines D.C. albums where he went tender and romantic. If he wants to rock out he always can do it with his fellow Irishmen.

“You know the score/ It ain’t limited to your knowing looks and touches anymore /
Cuz when you make his love you turn alone/ You see your heart’s been tethered to
a sinking stone.”


20 – 25 – 20

13 February 2021

Ex-Pavement frontman becoming a
poppy rocker on his solo debut LP
Released: 13 February 2001 – 20 years ago

: “By keeping things light, Stephen Malkmus — the album
and, very likely, the person — defies heavy analysis from critics and
fans. No, it’s not quite the same as another Pavement album, but its
literate, funny eclecticism is almost as irresistible.”

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Who: American hip -pop-hop
trio, led by Lauryn Hill

Album: THE SCORE – debut LP
Released: 13 February 1996 – 25 years ago
2nd and final LP

Pitchfork: “Strip the love, the hurt, the bickering,
strip it all, and you still have a masterpiece that
made history.”

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Who: Swedish retro rockers
Active: 1995 – 2012

Album: BEHIND THE MUSIC – third LP
Released: 12 February 2001 – 20 years ago

AllMusic: “The third album from Sweden’s ‘Soundtrack
of Our Lives’ is their most concise and rocking effort… the
songs are more consistently memorable. Impressive stuff,
and probably the Soundtrack of Our Lives album to start
with for all but the most devoted psych/prog fan.

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