GRIAN CHATTEN – Voice/Face Of FONTAINES D.C. Has His Candlelight Solo LP ‘CHAOS FOR THE FLY’ Out

2 July 2023

Singer-songwriter and charismatic frontman GRIAN CHATTEN
of Dublin idols Fontaines D.C. has shared his solo debut, titled

Press info: “Each song here has a sweep of colour and textures that breathe life into his lucid tales. Over its nine tracks, Chaos For The Fly is a record that takes in all of life’s rich emotions, transporting the listener to a place you not only want to visit, but will find yourself returning to again and again.”

Photo by Turn Up The Volume

The Guardian (British newspaper):Chatten dials down the rollicking post-punk of
the Dublin band with a solo debut of haunted, Leonard Cohen-esque songs. ‘On Chaos
for the Fly’, Chatten’s manner sometimes recalls those great critics of human nature
Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith.
” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: As we already could here and there on Fontaines D.C. albums Chatten dims
the lights, and lets his both melancholic and unsettled heart do the talking/singing.
Here he does it from start to finish. He sings about all things life, good and bad here
on his solo debut. He’s a romantic and muses about what’s on his mind and soul. Candlelight music for tranquillising moments. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have sweet dreams.

GRIAN CHATTEN: Instagram – Website

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