Ultimate 2020 American Idiot Protest Song – KONGRESS With ‘THE UGLY AMERICAN’

26 November 2020

KONGRESS featuring political troublemaker Otto von Ruggins is an experimental, New York based, act being around for light years. Their mix of Space-Goth-Tribal-New-Wave rock is thrillingly mental. Think legendary Devo fooling around with avant-garde weirdos The Residents. I know, anything can happen.

Latest single THE UGLY AMERICAN says it all. I’m quite sure this psych-o-delic saga is inspired by 1958 novel The Ugly American by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer.

“The concept of Freedom is not what it would seem to be, even here in the United States. Under the present regime, Freedom has been curtailed by the dictates of a White House that wants a purified race, purging its citizens randomly via weapons of war” says von Ruggins.

Need anymore hints about this loud and clear rant. I don’t think so. megalomaniac
Donald Dumped is, without a shadow of a doubt, the equivalent of the ugliest American ever in America’s political history, who tried/tries to shut up anybody who does not lick his ass and represents the historical evil forces of the land of the free and home of the brave.

The Ugly American
Hiding in the shadows
Glaring in the spotlights
Claiming they’re our heroes
While they violate rights
Killing with immunity
Some because they’re not whites
Failing the community
Causing protests & fights
Some adhere to statues
That camouflage the treason
The ignorance that they choose
Tradition is their reason
They honor flags of race abuse
No matter who’s dehumanized
Remnants of slavery with a noose
Keep black people traumatized

Let’s roll

KONGRESS: Facebook – ReverbNation

(photo via ReverbNation)