Teenage Phenomenon BILLIE EILLISH Scores Again With New Hit ‘THEREFORE I AM’

New sonic impulses…

13 November 2020

More than 7 million views in 14 hours with her new song. Not bad, but does that
mean BILLIE EILLISH is any good? To be honest I was skeptical at first until
I saw her performing her blockbuster hit ‘Bad Guy‘ last year at Glastonbury.

It’s not that I became an obsessed fan – no, I’m’ not that young anymore – but you
can’t argue about her immense talent, her irresistible charisma and totally cool attitude, being what she wants to be. A bona fide teenage phenomenon. Move over, old has-been rockers and fake celebrities.

Writing and making music with her best friend, her brother Finneas, she rules
the teenage world. And with new playful hip-pop single THEREFORE I AM she
confirms that, once again.

Listen and watch…