TIM BURGESS Released Fifth Solo Album – Stream ‘I LOVE THE NEW SKY’

23 May 2020

Artist: Tim Burgess (frontman The Charlatans)
Album: I Love The New Sky – his fifth solo longplayer
Released: 22 May 2020
Key words: poppy, vibey, happy, sunny, dancey and pithy
Key tracks: Sweetheart Mercury / The Warhol Me / I Got This / Undertow

Louder Than War says: “‘I Love The New Sky’ is full of optimism and realism.
At times light-hearted and fun, at others poignant and reflective. The overall
message seems to be about embracing a new beginning or chapter and the
album feels fresh and considered.”



TIM BURGESS & PETER GORDON – Chill Out Vibes for Warm Days…



The Charlatans frontman TIM BURGESS and adventurous veteran and highly praised producer/composer PETER GORDON from New York will release an album together,
titled SAME LANGUAGE, DIFFERENT WORLDS where, judging from the two songs that were already shared, Burgess’ blissful voice meets Gordon’s musical trips with enchanting result. BEGIN is a catchy little electro pop pearl spiced with some frisky saxophone, funky Chic guitars and sunny keyboards while UNGUARDED takes a more experimental, spacey route towards chill out places. Intriguing, jazzy and highly atmospheric…


The LP will be out on September 2 via Banquet Records. Here are the two sonic refreshments playing on repeat in my head in these (finally) warm summer days….



TIM BURGESS: Website – Facebook / PETER GORDON: Facebook