OUT TODAY! Second LP By Aussie Daydreamers DUMB THINGS – Here’s ‘TIME AGAIN’…

Just released

8 November 2019

Band: Dumb Things

Who: “Australian bedroom pop five-piece that make music which is a perfect reflection of the sub-tropical climate found in their native Queensland, bright and carefree and shimmering, the occasional wistful and melancholy overtones shrugged off to let That Striped Sunlight Sound shine through.”

Album: Time Again – the band second’s LP

Sound: This is a record you actually can play any time of the day because of its general
feel-good tone, its dreamlike and hum-along harmonies, its relaxing melodiousness and
its seducing jangly poppiness. Your ears just won’t get tired of this collection of sensitive reveries and gratifying musings. A sonic massage from start to finish.

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(Photo by Daniel Sergiacomi)