Canadian Singer-Songwriter TIRED KID Has A ‘SCOTCH’ While Entertaining Your Ears

New striking strokes

14 April 2023

Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick

Who: The musical project of singer-songwriter Thomas Kelly inspired by
90s alt rock bands that meet classic bands of the 60s and 70s. In 2020
he released his debut album named I Like My Own Company.

New single: SCOTCH.

“A song inspired by my walks to coffee shops, my friends,
the band TOPS, and the scotch I like to drink!”

Artwork by: Becca Howes

TUTV: Easy-going tunes you can hum and whistle like this one are always welcome on my headphones after having too much noizz buzzing in my ears. Scotch is a laid-back, jaunty, and happy-go-lucky melody enriched with sunlit guitar play. Perfect for a walk in the city on a lazy Sping day. Kelly‘s mellow voice sounds like it was meant to sing devil-may-care songs like this one. Canadacana at its strolling best. Bottoms up!

The accompanying video is directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick who crafted a narrative based
on the song. Stylistically, she and Kelly went for 16 mm film and something that looked
like it might’ve been shot in the early 70s.


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