London’s Garage Punks NOTHINGHEADS Produce Elephantic Noise On New Slam ‘TOPSY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

9 December 2019


Who: Fresh group of noiseniks out of London

Track: TOPSY – new single about “an elephant being electrocuted for public amusement
in 1903. “Topsy” was executed on Coney Island during a publicity stunt claiming to be part
of a scientific demonstration by Thomas Edison, but later revealed to be because she’d killed
a spectator who stubbed a cigar out on her trunk.”

Score: This new garage punk unit produces a distorted and turbulent Hawkind-like
groove fed by dueling guitars and relentless percussion with murky vocals rolling all
over it. Its hectic and manic rush will have a trembling impact on your speakers and
your hungry ears and its elephantic disturbance will leave you behind in a confused
state of sonic commotion. Experience the droning tumult right here…