Weekly Indie Fuel With 5 New Injections – Part 1

Weekly indie fuel

9 January 2023

Who: Trap metal/Pop punk/Blended
hip-hop artist from Iowa, US


‘This was a song I wrote about 10-11 years ago about the first and last time I tried acid.
So I found out later on that the acid strip I took was actually 10 hits of acid and I tripped
for 14 hours so you can imagine how scary it really was.’

TUTV: If you dig new hip-metal-hop sensation Nova Twins you’ll dig Gonzalez too.
Trippin‘ starts punky funky and explodes with metallic vehemence when the chorus
breaks through the wall and all hell starts to repeat itself.

Trip it up here.

AUGUST GONZALEZ: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Experimental composer, songwriter,
and music producer from Canada.

Track: WELCOME TO HELL featuring Neil Taylor (Tears For Fears / Robbie Williams) and vocalist La Strange.

nasmore: “Some songs make you cry, and some songs you skip forward, and then there are songs that immerse you into their world, putting a sarcastic smile on your face and dragging your mind to visit dark places—like Hell, for example. Just for a day? Stay in a hotel situated by the burning sea of lava with a nice view of torture and punishment. Most of us humans do not require a reservation. Just come pick your nightmare, and we will serve it to you cooked to perfection. No matter what your plans are, you are always Welcome to the Hell”

TUTV: Who wouldn’t want to have a peek into hell to know what the fuzz and buzz
is about that fired-up place. nasmore and his accomplices Neil Taylor and spooky vox
La Strange obviously have been there and offer us to guide us through the Inferno. If the tour is as eccentrically thrilling as their turbulent welcome stomper I’m in. So should you.

Hell yeah.

nasmore: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Rowdy rock trio from Newcastle, UK

From the upcoming 5-track EP
Maybe I Like The Misery. out Feb 3rd.

‘Maybe I Like The Misery’ touches on the bedrocks many have come to expect
from the Ten Eighty sound, but that’s not to say it isn’t without its surprises. This
is Ten Eighty Trees pushing the alt rock envelope, evolving into a leaner, more
streamlined beast all whilst maintaining the staple intensity and intoxicating
song writing style.

TUTV: A tower of titanic guitar vigorousness combined with
out-of-your-mind vocals scrapes the sky with zealous dynamism.

Check in.

TEN EIGHTY TREES: Facebook – Instagram

Who: The project of British musician James Smith.
Also founder of Fox Food Records.


On first hearing, my ears told me that Swedish pop collective I’m From Barcelona
are back in town with a new psych pop choir chant. My ears were wrong regarding the performer/artist, but totally right about the instant aural impact of this far-out tune.

Roll it.

GGB: Facebook

Who: Connecticut born and bred vocalist/drummer/multi-instrumentalist
who creates a euphoric realm of indie pop rock,


“The lyrics aren’t about what I personally believe. Everywhere I look people
are spouting their beliefs while contradicting themselves in the same breath.
The world has become so polarizing and I wanted this song to encapsulate
that energy.”

TUTV: Has the world gone mad? Absolutely, for several years now. And with
the recent pandemic, new wars and megalomaniac politicians, there will not a
light be shining at the end of the very long tunnel, for some time. Huffmann processes similar observations into this new melodramatic and riveting cry out with his standout voice as the driving force. Score!

Press play.


See/hear you next week, music junkies

South Californian Trio PRIVATE ISLAND Drippin’ All Over You With Irresistible Dancefloor Killer TRIPPIN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

10 April 2022

Who: As they say themselves “an approachable band from
Southern California”
. They came together in an organic way,
in the summer of 2013.

New single: TRIPPIN’
The lead piece from their upcoming EP

“Trippin’, is about Christian’s (frontman) sewage water leaking into his
roommates room, which is directly underneath his own. Walking downstairs
to see how he was doing, Christian finds him carefree, sitting at his desk with
his shirt off, wearing a moisturizing clay face mask, as if nothing was wrong.

Everything is not 100% coronavirus-free yet, but at least the freedom-blocking
lockdown crisis is behind us for some time now. And for all nightclub fanatics,
it’s 24-hour party time again.

Definitely in South California, where the sun never stops shining (unless you
are a Lakers fan now) and where this tantalizing trio invites you to have fervent
fun again at last, with drippin’ and trippin’ all over the dancefloor, or in the streets
or in your bedroom or wherever you are at the moment this funktastic pick-me-up
and lift-me-up booster hits your hungry ears.

No way your hips can resist this pizazzy punch-up.

Fab vibe. Sunny touchdown!

Get yourself dirty right here, right now…

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