South Californian Trio PRIVATE ISLAND Drippin’ All Over You With Irresistible Dancefloor Killer TRIPPIN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

10 April 2022

Who: As they say themselves “an approachable band from
Southern California”
. They came together in an organic way,
in the summer of 2013.

New single: TRIPPIN’
The lead piece from their upcoming EP

“Trippin’, is about Christian’s (frontman) sewage water leaking into his
roommates room, which is directly underneath his own. Walking downstairs
to see how he was doing, Christian finds him carefree, sitting at his desk with
his shirt off, wearing a moisturizing clay face mask, as if nothing was wrong.

Everything is not 100% coronavirus-free yet, but at least the freedom-blocking
lockdown crisis is behind us for some time now. And for all nightclub fanatics,
it’s 24-hour party time again.

Definitely in South California, where the sun never stops shining (unless you
are a Lakers fan now) and where this tantalizing trio invites you to have fervent
fun again at last, with drippin’ and trippin’ all over the dancefloor, or in the streets
or in your bedroom or wherever you are at the moment this funktastic pick-me-up
and lift-me-up booster hits your hungry ears.

No way your hips can resist this pizazzy punch-up.

Fab vibe. Sunny touchdown!

Get yourself dirty right here, right now…

You can do it on Spotify too…


(photo via LPR Agency)

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