Amazing Artwork (Or Not?) – The Cover of Second ‘FAUST’ LP Released 50 Years Ago

Eye-catching album art

50 years ago this month, German Krautrock mavericks
FAUST released their second LP called SO FAR.

Trouser Press said: “Bizarre little experiments pop up between songs:
overlays of effects-treated guitars and the like, sort of a German analogue
to the Mothers of Invention’s early sound adventures.”

Artwork: A black cover sleeve with band name/LP title on in small letters,
with a black inner sleeve, black labels and a set of inserts with one print for
each song on the album.

So what about the front cover? Cool or not? Amazing or not? Bold or not?
Whatever, Faust‘s music is cool, amazing, and bold.

The title track…

Stream full LP on YouTube

Inner sleeves and pics

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