Laute Schweinehunde PINK ROOM Drop First Single From Debut LP – Here’s ‘WASTED’…

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12 February 2019


Who: Three derailed noiseniks from Ghent, Belgium – if you never heard of this
gang check their last December interview with Turn Up The Volume! right here

Track: WASTED – first single from the band’s upcoming debut LP, tastefully titled
Zum Kotzen‘ (English for: ‘disgusting’)

Score: This how noise hooligans Pink Room sound like when they’re totally wasted. Paranoid. Sickening. Ear-piercing. Horror-ific. Wrecked. Zonked. Verr├╝ckt. Deranged.
Flipped. Uproarious. Disorderly. Messy. Vomiting. Hellish. Loudmouthed & Kooky!
Time to test your speakers’ flexibility. Here’s the accompanying David Lynch video…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

ZUM KOTZEN – debut LP out 22nd March – all details and pre-order facilities here

MAZZY STAR – Highly Praised ‘SO TONIGHT THAT I MIGHT SEE’ Album Came Out 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

3 October 2018



Released: 5 October 1993 – 25 years ago

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Thanks to the fluke hit “Fade Into You” – one of the better beneficiaries of alt-rock’s radio prominence in the early ’90s, a gentle descent of a lead melody accompanied
by piano, a steady beat, and above all else, Hope Sandoval’s lovely lead vocal… Mazzy Star’s second album became something of a commercial success. All without changing much at all from where the band was before – David Roback oversaw all the production, the core emphasis remained a nexus point between country, folk, psych, and classic rock all shrouded in mystery, and Sandoval’s trademark drowsy drawl remained swathed in echo.”

Score 4.5/5 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: The kind of emotive darkness your soul want to get completely lost in. Hypnotic, bewitching and gloomy. One kind of a voice.

THREE TOP TRACKS: Fade Into You / Five String Serenade / Wasted

* Fade Into You

* Five String Serenade

* Wasted

ALBUM in full…

MAZZY STARR: Facebook – All Albums