Laute Schweinehunde PINK ROOM Drop First Single From Debut LP – Here’s ‘WASTED’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 February 2019


Who: Three derailed noiseniks from Ghent, Belgium – if you never heard of this
gang check their last December interview with Turn Up The Volume! right here

Track: WASTED – first single from the band’s upcoming debut LP, tastefully titled
Zum Kotzen‘ (English for: ‘disgusting’)

Score: This how noise hooligans Pink Room sound like when they’re totally wasted. Paranoid. Sickening. Ear-piercing. Horror-ific. Wrecked. Zonked. Verrückt. Deranged.
Flipped. Uproarious. Disorderly. Messy. Vomiting. Hellish. Loudmouthed & Kooky!
Time to test your speakers’ flexibility. Here’s the accompanying David Lynch video…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

ZUM KOTZEN – debut LP out 22nd March – all details and pre-order facilities here

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