Swedish Outfit GREAT HARE Dropped New Electrical Single ‘WEIGHTLESS STARDUST’…

26 November 2019

After their sensitive September single ‘Love Is Around’, Swedish indie guitar pop outfit GREAT HARE is back with a new one called ‘WEIGHTLESS STARDUST‘. A reflective song “about the inevitable ups and downs in life and that it can be hard to appreciate what you already have and instead restlessly searching for new things and experiences. We take better care of what is really important, before we turn into stardust again.”

From the get-go ‘Weightless Stardust‘ grooves like Great Hare never grooved before. Driven by an addictive, ongoing beat and layers of jangly guitars with meditative vocals all over it this is their rockiest piece ever and its overall captivating vibe reminds¬†me of the late great Mark Linkous‘ band Sparklehorse. Yes, that good!

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