Want It Loud And Heavy? Here’s WESTON RD With Rowdy Blow ‘TAKE YOU DOWN’…

26 July 2019


Who: A hard rockin’ trio deriving their name from the street on which their home studio
is situated in the county town of Stafford, UK. “The band creates rock music that transcends boundaries, like the greats that they themselves still listen to and learn from. Citing influences as diverse as Black Sabbath to an affinity for hip-hop.”

Track: TAKE YOU DOWN – New single – The first song ever written with the band in mind. A kind of call it group therapy.

Score: Not really a lullaby to sing while you take a shower, rather a nasty stonker to play out really loud in your street so all your neighbours can ventilate their inner demons. ‘Take You Down‘ is a pulverizing hammer that hits you mercilessly. A barbarous whack that will test your ears’ stamina. Yes, extremely loud and insanely heavy. Ferocious shit! Take yourself down right here…

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