Oklahoma’s Psych Junks WICKED SHIMMIES Get High On ‘HI-FI DOG FOOD’…

28 November 2019

Psych junks WICKED SHIMMIES out of Chickasha, Oklahoma are back with a fresh wacko single. I know these guys love to mess with your brain cells and probably with their own too. But their new single, called ‘HI-FI DOG FOOD’, starts with a pretty chill out jam driven by a playful, groovy drums/bass beat with spacey guitars floating all over it. Both mind-pleasing and stimulating… so far.

But around the 2.20-minute mark it’s ‘what the hell is going on’ time. Everything turns fuzzy, spooky and eerie for a while until someone, out of the blue, starts to talk excitingly, as high as a dog on a can of mushrooms, about seeing UFOs and extraterrestrials, not for long as the track fades out suddenly. I think the CIA showed up and cut off the power. Over and out, end of story, back to boring Earth.

Have a bite and tell me
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Eccentric Blues Junks WICKED SHIMMIES Gonna Booglarize You Baby With New Album ‘EXILE ON 5TH STREET’…

Brand new sonic impulses

27 October 2018

From Chickasha, Oklahoma here are WICKED SHIMMIES. This far-out 4-headed boogie blues beast that likes to roll, rattle, rumble, roar and reverberate will release their new album ‘EXILE ON 5TH STREET‘ next Tuesday on their Bandcamp page. An unusual two-song LP with each one, part 1 & 2, lasting for about 20 minutes. I’m quite certain these eccentric jam junks didn’t write these sonic mindfuckers the way a regular band writes music. I’m pretty sure they gathered somewhere in a dirty basement and started playing, just following their groovy gut feelings, their mixed-up souls and their insatiate appetite for producing deranged rumpus with an intoxicating buzz that does innocent people’s heads in. No special effects, no arty-farty idiocy for these experimental bohemians.

Undoubtedly inspired by the late genial Captain Beefheart, the incomparable master of freakish blues disaster WICKED SHIMMIES created a psychedelic marathon, a thunderous hullabaloo journey, a capricious hurly-burly serpent that moves viciously and mercilessly. So, if you’re looking for some real boogie crackpots capable of messing up your decadent parties and favorite madcap excesses or you want to test the flexibility of your neighbors’ nerves don’t hesitate to turn to this spaced-out Exile On 5th Street escapade. Trust me, your nightmares will never have sounded this maniacal, this kooky and this red-hot-jerky. Press the buttons and get booglarized baby. Here come the bats…



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