The Oklahoma Damned WICKED SHIMMIES Go Nuts On Their NEW ONE

3 January 2021

Straight out of the plains of southern Oklahoma, here are the noisy mavericks
WICKED SHIMMIES once again on Turn Up the Volume. Why? Because these noisy
outcasts produce a no-nonsense-acid-soul-and-blues-punk racket with a middle-
finger to all money-greedy corporate thieves out there in our messed-up world who
empty the pockets of people who actually… don’t care that their pockets get empty.

Early December the Shimmies dropped their new blaring basement longplayer Sicktography (more on this album later). And the track that immediately got my
what-the-hell attention is MY NEW ONE.

This rollicking jackhammer resonates like British punk legends The Damned
have a smashing ball with British space-rock icons Hawkind. Gangbanger stuff.
It’s all you need to ventilate your lockdown demons and to ignore your ongoing
New Year Day’s hangover.

Damned, damned, damned


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