13 January 2021

Last August Brooklyn‘s daydreamers WIDOWSPEAK – singer Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas – released their highly acclaimed fifth LP Plum with a 4/5 review from AllMusic writing: “Plum finds them at their most immediate and compelling.”

And they start 2021 with a new 5-track EP, planned to go online on 22th January. Honeychurch, like the 17th-century tile on its cover, is a nod to E.M. Forster’s A Room
With A View
and was originally a working title for Plum.

All EP info here.

One of the tracks is a Dire Straits cover of their 40-year old song (released as a single
on 9 Jan 1981 – from the band’s third LP Making Movies) Romeo and Juliet . Thomas’ glimmering guitar glow and Hamilton’s sensuous voice make it sound as if they wrote
the humdinger themselves. Magic, just magic!

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Dreamy Psych Pop Musing – WIDOWSPEAK Shares Title Track From Upcoming New Album ‘PLUM’

New sonic impulses…

15 July 2020

Brooklyn’s psych-pop duo WIDOWSPEAK will soon release new album PLUM, their fifth full-length. After we enjoyed the previously shared singles Breadwinner and Money
here’s cut number three, the title track. Plum is a moody daydream musing as light as
a feather. Both bewitching and sorrowful.

I wrote ‘Plum’ about wanting to be more comfortable and casual with thoughts I tend to avoid. Especially when I’m feeling very out-of-step with the world, there’s no use in being nostalgic for ‘the end of an era’ or being afraid of what could happen. But, avoiding the present is kind of my default. I’m trying to be more aware that everyone is on its own trajectory, in its own time, slowly becoming something or becoming nothing.” said singer/songwriter Molly Hamilton.

Here’s the sweet little pearl

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