13 January 2021

Last August Brooklyn‘s daydreamers WIDOWSPEAK – singer Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas – released their highly acclaimed fifth LP Plum with a 4/5 review from AllMusic writing: “Plum finds them at their most immediate and compelling.”

And they start 2021 with a new 5-track EP, planned to go online on 22th January. Honeychurch, like the 17th-century tile on its cover, is a nod to E.M. Forster’s A Room
With A View
and was originally a working title for Plum.

All EP info here.

One of the tracks is a Dire Straits cover of their 40-year old song (released as a single
on 9 Jan 1981 – from the band’s third LP Making Movies) Romeo and Juliet . Thomas’ glimmering guitar glow and Hamilton’s sensuous voice make it sound as if they wrote
the humdinger themselves. Magic, just magic!

Have a listen


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