One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: IBIZA Singing WONDERWALL For NOEL GALLAGHER

Daily live fireworks to entertain or annoy your neighborhood during summer


Noel‘s having a meal with the family on the beach of his favorite holiday
place (well he has a villa up there for years now) feeling a bit sheepish when
the other restaurant visitors sing Wonderwall for him.

Now it’s your turn, Noel

1 Billion Spotify Streams For OASIS Hit WONDERWALL

16 October 2020

Spotify announced that WONDERWALL, the mega hit that paved the way for OASIS
passed the insane number of 1 billion streams. Seems pretty surreal, if you ask me.

Maybe Noel Gallagher can afford it now to buy a pack of mouth masks with the royalties. Oh, I forgot, he’s too cool to wear them. Great musician but a silly dickhead of a rock star talking more and more bollocks as he grows older while Liam talks more sense than ever, these days. Weird evolution, right?

Anyway here’s that classic, turning 25 on 30th October…

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