DIY Singer/Songwriter WULLAE WRIGHT Wears His Fverish Heart On His Sleeve

19 April 2020

British DIY singer/songwriter WULLAE WRIGHT just shared a track he has been working
hard on to get it the way he wanted. “Doing a The Strokes kinda vibe, so have at least three guitars following the beat” he says on his Twitter account. HEART ON SLEEVE has indeed that feverish, strumming pace that’s characteristic for the flamboyant New York City rockers.

Wright‘s wailing voice grabs your aural attention instantly. It feels like he’s in a trance, repeating the same lines over and over again like karma. His soul-exploring quest has
both an urgent and poignant fervor while the repetitive, speeding beat seems on
its way to explode at one point. An intense performance leaving you behind with a perplexing impression.

Tune in right here…

WULLAE WRIGHT: Bandcamp –¬†Twitter¬†

WULLAE WRIGHT Unleashes ‘KILLER CLOWNS IN TRANSIT VANS’ To Soundtrack Your Halloween Party…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


31 October 2017

British DIY singer/songwriter WULLAE WRIGHT just released his 6th album, titled ‘COGs’.
A record of tormented, raw, mixed emotions and creepy characters like in this bitingly ramshackle stroke KILLER CLOWNS IN TRANSIT VANS. A song about myths, legends,
and nightmares says the author. Sounds to me like a perfect deranged sonic ripper to scare your guests at your HALLOWEEN party tonight. Have fun…

Now you’re here why not surprise your invitees with
some more pitch-black traumas. Here’s COGs in full…

WULLAE WRIGHT: Twitter – Bandcamp

Self-made artwork for COGs album…