WULLAE WRIGHT Unleashes ‘KILLER CLOWNS IN TRANSIT VANS’ To Soundtrack Your Halloween Party…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


31 October 2017

British DIY singer/songwriter WULLAE WRIGHT just released his 6th album, titled ‘COGs’.
A record of tormented, raw, mixed emotions and creepy characters like in this bitingly ramshackle stroke KILLER CLOWNS IN TRANSIT VANS. A song about myths, legends,
and nightmares says the author. Sounds to me like a perfect deranged sonic ripper to scare your guests at your HALLOWEEN party tonight. Have fun…

Now you’re here why not surprise your invitees with
some more pitch-black traumas. Here’s COGs in full…

WULLAE WRIGHT: Twitter – Bandcamp

Self-made artwork for COGs album…

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