THE DISTRICTS ! Euphoric Triumph in Brussels…


THE DISTRICTS –  Botanique Club , Brussels – April 9, 2015…

Ladies and gentlemen, from Philadelphia… The Districts. That was exactly the feeling I had after the show: ‘hello world, listen to this awesome teenage four-piece’. After hearing the euphoric (awesome bass intro) single ‘4th And Roebling’ I searched the internet for these four American youngsters en learned about their thrilling 2012 debut EP which they recorded while still at school. Last February they released their debut album ‘A Flourish And A Spoil‘. An impressive big bang. The first three tracks (the aforementioned single, ‘Peaches’ and ‘Chlorine’) are outstanding. Epic, melodic power rock, grunge punches, passionate vocals and towering choruses. Mind you, the album is an overall debut success but if you never heard about this gang check 1-2-3 first. Last Thursday in our city of Brussels The Districts’ huge compositions became exploding fireworks. Sublime ! The club was packed with ‘we already know this band and we love them’ audience. Several people even sang along word by word. An emotional frontman Rob Grote was charmingly moved by the big reception, furthermore that this was their first date of their first European tour. They will grow and will be huge. Trust me. Therefore the good news for me is that I will see them again in two weeks in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Hell yeah ! In the meantime let’s enjoy this emotional & soulful live rendition of ‘Chlorine’ on Seattle radio…

DSC03584-800-800Turning up the volume…

Debut album in full here…

See you soon in Amsterdam…

Band – Facebook

(All concert pics: JL)

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