THE SEX PISTOLS – The Filth And The Fury 40 Years Ago Today…

Looking and listening back in time! Memorable moments in sonic history!


Forty years ago today – 1 December 1976 – the SEX PISTOLS shocked the British island with this (in)famous appearance on ITV’s live early evening ‘Today‘ show. Haha! Good old conservative and prude Britannia went completely mad after the rude language interview with four unknown who-the-fuck-cares teenagers. Presenter Bill Grundy was fired, although he was right about one thing: “they are as drunk as I am…” Here’s the SHIT….

Oh my God, it looks actually like silly amateurish British comedy today. Here is the real f*****g way to remember what the b****y brilliant Pistols were all about and they are
SO relevant again in today’s bleak Brexit land. Political filth and fury anno 2016 in the UK…

SEX PISTOLS: Website – Facebook


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