Earthquake in AMSTERDAM – Here’s One Of The Maddest Live Bands On The Planet… COCAINE PISS


Yesterday (Friday 30 December) I decided last minute to drive to Amsterdam (2 1/2 drive)
to see COCAINE PISS (again). One of this year’s most spectacular and maddest live bands. They played there as part of a mini indoor festival in the legendary Paradiso venue and I returned early this morning, after four hours of sleep, to attend a family lunch back home in Belgium. Like my wife always says: ‘you feel nervous when things go normal‘. It was another mind-boggling experience but I’m actually too tired to write a decent review and I need to join a New Year’s Eve diner in a couple of hours. But for you out there who never heard of this earthshaking four-piece you can check my review of their far-out performance in Brussels earlier this month here.  And with this clip you surely will get an idea of their smashing thunder…

But before leaving you, and the year 2016, here are some of my pics of yesterday’s explosion in the small upper hall of Paradiso with frontwoman Aurélie Poppins doing
what she does best… going totally mental! Hell Bloody Hell! Yeah..










COCAINE PISS‘ 2016 debut album THE DANCER…

COCAINE PISS: Facebook – Hypertension Records


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