THE FLAMING LIPS Release New Album ‘OCZY MLODY’ Today… On Frontman WAYNE COYNE’s Birthday

Fresh electrifying impulses for your ears…


‘Oczy Mlody’ by FLAMING LIPS13 January 2017


Wayne Coyne, the eccentric frontman of Oklahoma psychedelia explorers got himself a special 56th – on a Friday the 13th – birthday present with today’s release of THE FLAMING LIPS’ new spacey opus, titled OCZY MLODY. It’s certainly not a wild party album, not at all, rather a reflective promenade through the universe of one’s errant mind. A record to play after all guests are gone and one you want to discover alone, preferably in the dark like listing to the frogs with demon eyes. I know, a bit creepy. Start your adventurous trip here…

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