BENJAMIN BOOKER – New Soulful & Significant Pearl From His Second Album ‘WITNESS’…

Young New Orleans based singer-songwriter & guitarist BENJAMIN BOOKER impressed
me and many critics with his first self-titled album back in 2014. A magnificent mix of
raw blues, affecting soul and garage rock fueled songs with a sharp edge caused by his exceptionally hoarse and ardent voice and the squeaky guitar noise he produces. He will release his second longplayer, titled WITNESS on 2 June via Ato Records. Booker just shared the first single, the title track of the record. It’s a gospel inspired pearl featuring soul legend MAVIS STAPLES. The mood is warm, heartfelt and emotive yet the song’s story deals with the artist’s own experience of racism in America and his country’s foreign policy. In an extensive message on his website he explains in depth what inspired him to write this particular track. You can read it here.

Here’s the audio clip for this sensitive diamond…

BENJAMIN BOOKER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Benjamin Booker in Brussels, 2015a stirred experience (photos: TurnUpTheVolume!)

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