THE FALL – Their 14th Album ‘CODE SELFISH’ Released 25 Years Ago Today…

Looking back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!


‘Code: Selfish’ by THE FALL
Released 22 march 1992

What the press said…

“‘Code Selfish’ is harsh and uncompromising, although there is a doffed cap to melody amongst the steaming rubble, the detritus. Despite critical laurels and garlands, real and lasting, commercial success has always eluded The Fall and subsequently they’ve become bitter, cynical and twisted as opposed to mellowing with age. This album is a triumph of the imagination.”
Score: 9/10

“An underrated and hard-to-find Fall album, this 1992 release returned to a harder, more caustic band than found on the previous year’s ‘Shift Work’. Smith’s writing was beginning to pare itself down to the essence, relying on repetition and imagery. An album that improves
with age.”

Score: 3/5

“Thankfully Smith snapped out of his post-Brix/bereavement funk and ushered in a new era of experimenting with machines and production techniques. Always different, always the same: even when they’re a bit mediocre, they’re still largely brilliant.”
Score: 4/5

Music, maestro, please. Here are 3 of the many highlights…




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