SWINE TAX – Discover Debut Single ‘CHRONIC’ – A Highly Cathartic Experience…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Vince Lisle, a young but also troubled musician based in Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
formed a four-piece band called SWINE TAX in the autumn of last year “with the desire to combine expressive, abrasive rock music with more complex textural and electronic elements.” The singer/songwriter told us about debut single CHRONIC that “it’s a very personal song which interrogates my own feelings of inadequacy in intimate relationships whilst living with a debilitating chronic pain condition. ” The track is a highly captivating experience building up from a quiet, dreamy intro to an intense, passionate and guitar injected eruption that will definitely touch your heart and soul. Discover the profound, sonic catharsis here…


SWINE TAX: Facebook – Twitter

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