BLiNDNESS – Different Electro-fying Scores To Match Different Moods On New ‘THE MONSOON’ EP…

Fresh sonic impulses for body and soul…


‘The Monsoon EP’ by BLINDNESS

After releasing their excellent debut album Wrapped In Plastic back in 2015 all female, outspoken electro rock three-piece BLiNDNESS are back with a 6-track EP. It’s a fervid and dark record containing four songs the band already played live for a while (Born Liar, The Next Monsoon, No One Now & Give Out) and two new tracks Head In My Hands and Lessons Learned. The EP was mixed and mastered by Guy Fixsen who has worked with bands like Pixies, MBV, The Breeders, The Telescopes, Laika, Throwing Muses & Wire. The approach in sound varies in order to match the specific spirit of each song. From the steamy opener Born Liar to the monumental, doomy groove of No One Now, from the glowing and intensified ballads Head In My Hands and Lessons Learned to the crushing electricity of The Next Monsoon and Give Out. Different moods, different sonic scores. With echoes from the gloomy, melodic swagger of The Jesus and Mary Chain and the vocal dynamic of Garbage‘s Shirley Manson. Overall the EP is injected with a fervent passion and strong emotions which reminds me of what singer Beth Rettig once said in an interview we did for my fellow American music junkies at 50thirdand3rd about the burning intensity of playing live : “there is something about putting on my boots and eyeliner that gets me ready
for war.”
Passion, indeed! Here’s the EP in full…

The band filmed and edited also video clips for two of the songs. Roll the tape for…



BLiNDNESS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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