GUIDE DOG – Experience Pounding Glam Grunge Debut Single ‘I AM THE DADDY’…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

‘I Am The Daddy’ by GUIDE DOG

Out of Cardiff three Welshmen are ready to conquer the world while barking like fierce noisemakers. Frontman, songwriter and guitarist Peter Roberts has been around making music for some time now (with People Planes, the wonderful Cold Specks and solo). At one point he quit touring to become a daddy but soon teamed up again with some old friends to start GUIDE DOG. They canned debut album ‘Lovely Domestic Bliss‘, produced by long-term collaborator Dan Austin in just three days. It will be out 7 July. But first debut single
I AM THE DADDY. A heavy grunge smack injected with a pounding glam rock chorus that will activate all nerves and muscles in your spinning head. Open windows and doors, turn it up and wake up your neighbourhood with this incendiary blow. Here’s the beast…

GUIDE DOG: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

Album out 7 July via High-Vis Records…

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