Blues Trash Steamroller BOSS HOG Creates A Satanic Sonic Inferno In Belgium…

BOSS HOG – Vooruit, Gent – 3 November 2017

If you like your blues rough, devilish, dirty and burning as hell you’ll be as ecstatic
as I am about the spectacular return of BOSS HOG. After 16 years this glowing gang
featuring legendary blues junkie Jon Spencer and his charismatic wife and ex-Pussy
tiger Cristina Martinez released new album BROOD X earlier this year. The longplayer bellows viciously as if the 5-piece band is involved in a merciless, sonic fight
with evil demons, with unsightly cacodemons and anything nasty in daily life on this troubled planet. A deranged pièce de résistance, a nasty triumph. Have a slice here…

Yesterday the band nailed it gloriously in my hometown Ghent. A trashing steamroller from start to finish. Spencer still plays like a hellbent obsessive who only functions when producing an electrifying stream of messy riffs Satan listens to 24/7. He makes lighting sounding like thunder while the irresistibly eye-catching Martinez moves from left to right and back like a hungry snake on two legs. She looks like a voodoo priestess who’s after your wicked soul and growls freakishly, assisted now and then by Jon’s striking vox, like the apocalypse is just around the corner, and she hits the shit out of her big drum like it was the last thing she ever will do. Volcanic stuff extra fueled by a roaring rhythm section and spiced with sultry keys. If you want any day of the year feels like a smashing Halloween party here’s the one and only soundtrack to do the job…


Voodoo rituals…

And on guitar… Lucifer

Partners in crime…

Looking for sinful souls…

Wham big bang…

(Signed) setlist, thanks Christina & Jon…

BOSS HOG: Facebook – Twitter – Discography

(Concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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