Here’s Two-Headed Psycho Turbine SUNFLOWERS With Brand New Astonishing Single ‘CASTLE SPELL’…

8 November 2017

They look quite normal, but just like me you’ll have your doubts on hearing the menacing havoc produced by this aberrant Portuguese duo, called SUNFLOWERS. I’m pretty sure that they hide their real names – Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde – in order to avoid trouble with crazed shrinks and far-out alienist. Actually, after some research I found out that the two lovely people in the picture on top were kidnapped a while ago by our two-headed monster in order to entertain them with psycho-neurotic hullabaloo, like it’s Halloween every single day of the bloody year. Listen to brand new single CASTLE SPELL and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. It’s a hypnotic jam, a barbed wire bolide, a spellbinding escapade pushed by a red-hot drum beat and fueled with firework guitars. Striking garage wizardry for outlaws and desperadoes. Prepare yourself for a tumultuous ride, press the button and release the bats…

SUNFLOWERS: Facebook – More on Bandcamp – Instagram

If you live in Europe, go and find them…

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