ROME IS NOT A TOWN – It Is A Turbulent Indie Guitar Rock Quartet With One Of The Best Longplayers Of The Year …

When we can’t get enough of it…

Two years ago this Swedish noise turbo blew me away with an intense, ebullient and rowdy performance when playing my hometown Ghent, Belgium (see review here). And the past few weeks they did/do it again and again and again with their debut album IT’S A DARE
on rumbustious repeat on my tortured headphones. It’s a mighty crackerjack of a record. A robust stream of loud and clear eruptions, a non-stop flow of wholehearted reflections on mixed emotions, on daily life, on being young, on being human, on now and here. An avalanche of cracking riffs, sharp hooks, brawny licks and flurried vocals. Electrifying passion from start to finish. Indie guitar rock at its poignant best with echoes from yesterday’s heroes Sonic Youth to today’s Canadian powerhouse Metz . Yes, folks, that roistering good. One of the best albums of 2017. FACT! Do not hesitate, have a listen
for yourself and you’ll understand exactly why I’m acting pretty excited. Here we go…

ROME IS NOT A TOWN: Facebook / Label: Startracks

IT’S A DARE out now – available here on Bandcamp.

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